About PWES 7


Our story starts way back, when PTCWEN hosted the first Philippine Women Engineers Summit (PWES) in 2016 and saw how willing women engineers were to work together beyond their respective professional organizations.

2016 – PWES – Century Park Sheraton, Manila
2017 – PWES 2 – Royce Hotel
2018 – PWES 3 – Royce Hotel
2019 – PWES 4 – Royce Hotel
2020 – None
2021 – PWES 5 / INWES-APNN – Royce Hotel
2022 – PWES 6 Paradise Hotel Boracay

As the national engineering organization representing women engineers in the Philippines, PTC-WEN strives to unite successful and talented women engineers to advance excellence in the field. The Philippine Women Engineers Summit (PWES) aims to comprehensively assess the roles and challenges faced by women engineers across disciplines, cultures, economic statuses, and technological levels. By analyzing global advancements in engineering education, innovation, best practices, and research, we seek to enhance partnerships, raise public awareness, and foster a balanced global perspective on engineering.


Many of our women engineers have become the leaders in their respecting professional organizations.

PTC WEN has represented the Philippines in the Women Engineers ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations

PTCWEN is now a member of the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists and will soon host the 20th ICWES in 2026.


If you would like to contribute to an organization making a real impact not only to Engineering in the Philippines but globally, Join PTC WEN


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